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Hello, I am a new blogger here and I really don’t know what to talk about. I am going to start by talking about my summer. I will try to tell you everyday what happens but it will be hard. I will start with today, I have been with my best friend for the past couple of days and we are having another sleepover tonight. Today I woke up at 12: something and than I had a wonderful “healthy” Oreo shake. It involved double fudge ice cream with Oreos and milk. It was Delicious! After that we decide to play pay day till her brother got home from is doctors appointment. Oh, did I mention her name is Sophia. Anyway we went to a new toy store after that and bought candy. Than we came home and had dinner, it was chicken tenders and pasta. Yummy! Now I am here telling you about my day! Thank you see you tomorrow!- Lanie Banie